Our history

The company Incite code was founded in 2008. and the company is involved in the distribution of hygiene products for women and children, as well as with the ultimate development of its' own production of products in these categories as well as some medical products.

The head quarters of the company is in Novaki - Sv. Nedelja where the offices and production facilities are located as well as the warehouse.

In line with its' strategic objective of the production the company made its' breakthrough in 2012. when, as the first company in the region started production of the cotton pads with its' innovative we cotton pads. In 2017, the company entered the world market as the first manufacturer in the world who started producing high-hygienic cotton buds before the EU directive banning the use of plastic earbuds, demonstrating its' innovation and diversity by completely removing plastic from its' packaging of the same product. It offers a completely eco-friendly paper product on the market.

Strategic focus on innovation, diversification and nurturing a corporate culture are the frameworks for our quality policy. The full focus of our product portfolio, both in distribution and in production, determines us in the security meaning for each of our products. We also prove this by concrete actions related to the organization of all processes in the company. Production certificates - IFS HPC; Certification of input materials - FSC, PEFC; Certification of the environment protection process - ISO 14001 and general certification nof the management process - ISO 9001 - to which all the above processes are complementary. 

We also confirm our ethical approach to our overall business with a SMETA statement evaluated by certified auditors.

All our employees, as well as management and owners are committed to our common goals;

  • Be the best in your' business segment
  • Production and marketing innovation, differentiation, quality and safe products
  • To have satisfied employees who will consider the company their own
  • To have a corporate culture whose values will be: honesty, commitment, passion, smile and orderliness of the process at all levels  
  • To be a socially responsible company to the environment, community and employees.